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:: delegation officer job descriptions ::

:: delegation officers ::

Vice President
Sgt. at Arms
Executive Assistant


All officers' responsibilities include:

1. Observing the delegation code of conduct.
2. Helping to enforce decorum and the code of conduct.
3. Executing their office to the best of their abilities.
4. Attending ALL delegation, officer and parent meetings and all other delegation events.
5. Make Youth and Government a first and foremost extracurricular priority.
6. Act as a representative of the delegation at statewide events.
7. Responsible for chairing Spring Delegation Development and any other delegated committees and presenting results for delegation approval.
8. Help statewide candidates at all conferences.
9. Participating in the annual support campaign.
10. Get the Culver-Palms Family YMCA's approval for all Y&G business/publicity/print material.

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Reports to: YMCA Program Director (Lead Advisor)
Directly supervises: Vice President, Parliamentarian, and Executive Assistant

The President must:
1.  Preside over delegation meetings and officer meetings.
2.  Develop agendas for meetings.
3.  Represent Youth & Government (Y&G) at program committee meetings.
4.  Keep decorum with officers at all delegation and officer meetings.
5.  Set and explain delegation goals for the year.
6.  Act as a liaison between delegates, officers, and advisors.
7.  Run an Officer Meeting every week.
8.  Run all meetings in Parliamentary Procedure.
9.  Meet with the Program Director (Delegation Lead Advisor) weekly.

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Reports to: Delegation President/Program Director (Lead Advisor)
Directly supervises: Secretary and Treasurer

The Vice President must:
1.  Assist Delegation Lead Advisor with statewide related paperwork and required forms.
2.  Correspond monthly with all Westside delegations.
3.  Coordinate candidates to speak to our delegation and our candidates to speak to other delegations.
4.  Act as a liaison between the program and the community for recruitment purposes.
5.  Coordinate the Los Angeles YMCA Cluster events, publish list of LA Cluster events to all LA Cluster delegations along with the LA Cluster mailing list.

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Reports to: Delegation President
Directly supervises: Sergeant at Arms and Chaplain

The Parliamentarian must:
1.  Act as an authority on parliamentary procedures before election and organize at least three Parliamentary Procedure/Court workshops containing technical terms, sample bill debates, trials, etc.
2.  Create as many workshops as needed to assure hint/herself that each delegation member is secure with his/her role.
3.  Coordinate and carry out Role Whips and whip groups.
4.  Coordinate the development of delegation bills.
5.  Describe three conferences and the different roles at Sacramento to the delegation.
6.  Preside over meetings in the absence of both the President and the Vice President.
7.  Be in charge of coordinating speakers for delegation meetings (non-Y&G and Y&G).
8.  Make Parliamentary Procedure/Court rules and regulations sheets.

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Reports to: President/Program Director (Lead Advisor)

The Treasurer must:
1.  Coordinate all delegation fund-raisers.
2.  Ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in fund raising.
3.  Write a letter to all delegates' parents explaining the importance of both individual and delegation fund-raisers (include a list of upcoming monthly/quarterly fund-raisers).
4.  Develop a yearly plan of Y&G fund-raisers to be published in September.
5.  Help lead advisor with payments and calls.
6.  Send out payment reminders two weeks before payments are due.

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Reports to: Parliamentarian

The Sergeant At Arms must:
1.  Keep decorum with the delegates.
2.  Explain the code of conduct and the expectations relating to it (reminders at meetings prior to all conferences).
3.  Enforce the code of conduct (delegation and state).
4.  Enforce all curfews.
5.  Explain how we should act towards visiting delegates/statewide candidates.
6.  Call up delegates who don't attend meetings (with Secretary).
7.  Perform head counts (with Secretary).

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Reports to: Parliamentarian>

The Chaplain must:
1.  Keep unity within the delegation.
2.  Think of exciting things for the delegation to do.
3.  Coordinate group builders once a month (minimum).
4.  Do weekly invocations and benedictions.
5.  Find ideas for invocations and benedictions and officer meetings (from the suggestion box).
6.  Responsible for ice breakers at LA YMCA Cluster Meetings, etc.
7.  Ensure all delegation activities are executed in good spirit and everyone obeys the YMCA code of conduct.

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Reports to: Vice President

The Secretary must:
1.  Take notes/minutes at each meeting and have them available to all delegates upon request.
2.  Keep track of attendance (roll call) and give list to Sergeant At Arms and makes phone calls to delegates who didn't attend the meeting(s) (with Sergeant At Arms).
3.  Be responsible for agendas.
4.  Make and publish rosters as updated.
5.  Do head counts (with Sergeant At Arms).
6.  Assist with all of the written aspects of the delegation (including delegation and state forms with Vice President).
7.  Write a monthly newsletter about our delegation (publicize the events of the delegation), include the Vice President's notes about other delegations.
8.  Send out invitations to all parents for the parents' meeting.
9.  Organize and oversee big brother/big sister program.

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Reports to: Delegation President

The Executive Assistant must:
1. Coordinate the slide show and other mementos of Y&G.
2. Keep track of all delegation supplies and equipment at conferences.
3. Understand and/or learn to use all delegation equipment by the first conference.
4. Assist other officers as needed.
5. Help statewide candidates before conferences.
6. Organize campaign poster painting and other candidate promotional materials before conferences.
7. Assist Treasurer in set up and breakdown of fund-raisers.

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