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:: role assignments 2007/2008 ::

Posted below are the results on this year's delegate role assignments (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) for the 60th Model Legislature & Court. Sophomores are not included in this distribution, as they are all assigned to the Forum program.

The roles were selected using the following distribution process: 3rd year seniors, 2nd year seniors, 2nd year juniors, 1st year seniors, 1st year juniors, in addition to your "Dream Sheet" application. All ties were decided based on participation and attendance. Every effort was made to be as fair as possible in our selections. Remember that even if you didn't get your first choice, each role is fun and rewarding. As we have said many times before, this program is what you make of it, so make it great!

Greg Bommarito
Amanda Bonilla
Ryan Cho
Alissa Contreras
Josephine Hidajat
Daniela Maldonado
Rory Toole
Tori Trinkkeller
Harrison Welsh
Max Wright
Jamie Yeo

Jahmad Balugo
Adrian Campos
Griselda Delatorre
Alysia Dupuy
Austin Dupuy
Cayden Feifer
Daniel Gallagher
Adam Horwitz
Andrew Inohara
Lauren Mead
Vince Saunders
Allegra Williams

Shawn Bolanos
Hana Cohn (Leadership)
Elena Hoshizaki
Brianna Saez

Tal Amitai
Rhianna Cooper
Nico Curl
Jake Glassman
Esteban Gonzalez
Christian Gray
Jacob Harris
Danielle Langman
Mary Mitchell
Vince Molo
Hanna Morikami
Eric Rodriguez
Kenny Suleimanagich
Menelik Tafari
Ogechi Wadibia

Cooper Ballantine
Jameson Bartlett
Raechelle Choice
Flo Esteves
Chelsie Ginoza
Katie Heffler
Kimi Nojima
James Smith

Appellate Court
Melanie Amarasekara
Nick Bardol
Emily Gerger
Tyler Neitzel
Daniel Ostrin
Ally Smith
Roy Sugihara

Trial Court
Cathy Arias
Jessica Cloyd
Kristen Dodenhoff
Grace Houck-MacBriar
Jessica Kim
Conner Nannini
Michael Song
Max Yuen
Casey Zierler

Assistant Leg. Analyst
Andrew Brown
Jocie Jimenez
Nellie Paik

State Board of Education
Logan Bratton (Officer)
Jill Hopfield
Alyssa Martinez
Travis Miller
Jaime Monfette

State Board of Equalization
Kendra Adler
Josh Blake
Karlie Ellis

Special Investigative Pannel
Charlie Ferreira
Evan Nusbaum

Daniel Alvarez
Jenny Anderson
Hailey Maxson
Sachi Murase
Caitlin Steinberg

Gabi Alejos
Caitlin Bartlett
Gina Chelette
Lee Clarkson
Maya Cohn
Aly Cooper
Lenise Gomez
Katherine Hennessy
Lucy Hodges
Noya Kansky
Simone Lacoste
Ashley Landau
Amanda Mescudi
Conor Murphy
Max Oriel
Rocky Paik
Lena Ransfer
Tony Sacharny
Becca Schwartz
Jonny Schwartz
Dylan Soules
Erica West

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